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30 Day Slim Down Digital Plan
30 Day Slim Down Digital Plan
30 Day Slim Down Digital Plan
30 Day Slim Down Digital Plan
30 Day Slim Down Digital Plan
30 Day Slim Down Digital Plan 30 Day Slim Down Digital Plan 30 Day Slim Down Digital Plan 30 Day Slim Down Digital Plan

30 Day Slim Down Digital Plan


  • Please note: This product DOES NOT includes Coaching and Community Access!!!

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    Balance hormones & lean out while resetting your body & metabolism in just 30 days with the SLIM DOWN program!

    Please watch this video to learn about the 30 Day Slimdown from Nancy Anderson!

     Learn how to eat to optimize hormones and metabolism through my unique reverse carb cycling techniques and the nutrition practices that I use with my clients.

     Learn how to make the slim down work for you. Breastfeeding? We got you. Husbands? We got you. Big appetite? We got you too. 

     Learn how to tweak the program to find your sweet spot and see best results for your specific body.

     Learn how to create sustainable, long-lasting results beyond the 30 days through daily nutrition education throughout the month while learning about what foods your own body responds best to.

     Learn what to eat & when to eat it to maximize your results for health and for your waistline.

     Learn how to build your own meals using the Cherry Picker Sample Menu. Using this meal builder you can make any meal on the Slim Down work for you by plugging in your own preferences, or choosing to follow the exact meals we lay out for you. It's your choice.


    A lot of plans out there talks about calories, macros, fasting but what they don't talk about is what matters the most which is controlling and promoting optimal hormones.  This is not only essential for FAT LOSS but it's essential for optimal hormones and health.  

    The 30 Day Slim Down is a unique, fat-burning meal plan that lays out your exact  breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner, for 4 full weeks. This plan is designed to reset your body and metabolism, ridding you of any nasty toxins and bloat, getting you on track for your best body while also helping you repair and heal your gut (more than 80% of people have poor gut health which very much effects your metabolism and ability to lose weight in the first place). 

    This plan is successful because it maximizes your time in your fat burning zone, controlling your insulin and promoting optimal hormones, sleep and adrenal function. We do incorporate macro placement, carb cycling, fasting protocols (optional) as well but what sets this plan apart is how all of those things are focused on optimizing your insulin to get you lean, healthy while thriving! 


    You'll receive a meal-by-meal digital guide of exactly what to eat, when to eat it and how much to eat. This plan also includes quick and easy recipes, plus the tips and tricks to make big changes to your physique in just one month. 

    There are specifications for men's and women's portions and a customized "cherry picker" menu for you to choose from if you don't like (or simply can't eat) what is scheduled that day on the plan. 

    You will also receive the NEW Cherry Picker Sample Menu, that will allow you to build your own meals using a Master Menu of approved ingredients. 

    Unlike other meal plans, you aren't deprived of nutrients, you won't spend hours in the kitchen, and yes, you can eat carbs. 

    The plan does not include a workout program, but it does have activity guidelines to let you know how much exercise you should be aiming for while on the Slim Down. If you want a plan that keeps you full and is proven to work, this is the one for you! 





    Yes! Many breastfeeding Mom's have participated in the slim down and all have been able to lose weight without losing milk supply. Nancy recommends waiting 4-6 weeks post delivery for milk to come in and be well established before starting any diet program. Once milk has been established, the slim down is safe and very effective for breastfeeding Mom's.  On page 9 of your digital download, you will find customization tips for breastfeeding Mom's.  On the rare occasion that you would experience a drop in supply you can use these tips on page 9 to troubleshoot. 


    This plan is successful because it maximizes your time in your fat burning zone, controlling your insulin and promoting optimal hormones, sleep and adrenal function al while healing your gut and reseting your body. We do this through using an elimination style plan paired with reversed carb cycle and strategic macro placement designed by Nancy and backed by the most recent nutriitonal research. 


    The plan does not include a workout program, but it does have activity guidelines to let you know how much exercise you should be aiming for while on the Slim Down. 


    The Slim Down does include some vegan friendly options such as organic tofu and vegan protein powder for shakes but honestly, it’s not a plan that can be easily subbed for strict vegans. Some vegans try the slim down and it seems to work for them but they are repeating a lot of their proteins since there are limited options.  I think it’s doable, but up to you!I hope this helps!


    Yes, totally! The plan does includes a bunch of non-meat protein choices such as organic tofu, eggs, vegan protein powder, and fish.  I have had many vegetarians do the plan and they easily sub out meat that is scheduled in meals for other protein approved options.  They find that it’s an easy sub and still have lots of success on the plan. 


    I designed this plan with people like me in mind who either don’t have a lot of time to cook or simply don’t like to. The recipes are quick and easy to follow and made with simple ingredients that you probably already own in your kitchen (with maybe a few new additions). You do have to prep your protein for the week, but it can be done easily by grilling it, baking it, or even throwing it in a slow cooker. I have hundreds of busy people do the plan every month with ease, especially after they get their new routine down after week one. 


    Yes, the plan will still work for you. You are allowed some wiggle room to modify recipes using the cherry picker menu included in the plan. This will allow you to swap out the ingredients that you are allergic to for something that better suits your needs.


    Nothing to worry about if you are a picky eater - the recipes in the plan are made with simple, easy to find ingredients. However, if there is a meal you’re not feeling, the plan includes a cherry picker menu to swap out foods that you either can’t, or just don’t want to eat. 

    *Please note, this program is non-refundable, due to the nature of it being a digital product with significant value and the inability to actually 'return' a physical product.*

    “So I heard about the 30 day slim down from a friend , she did the program and lost 7lbs and a tons of inches so I thought after having my son I could do it too, seeing her post and her motivation really helped me jump on board with this. The next day after she posted her results I went online and ordered the plan and started the following week. Any questions or concerns I had were answered and I was extremely pleased with my results I’ll be doing another 30 days! Thank you Nancy!”


    “The results are flipping amazing just like the first time I did it! You guys this is legit the only “diet” you ever will need! I stuck to it super strict it’s only 30 days and I wanted the results, Mama don’t have time to mess around lol.

    First week I was down 12lbs and I had never tried TRE but I really liked it! Non scale victories: energy, focus, clothes all fitting way better, no tummy aches, better sleep, less breakouts and the list goes on!

    All in all I lost 18lbs 😳😮 so crazy!!! I also implemented treadthrill (that’s the only cardio I do it’s my fave) and Ab Rehab! In yesterday’s treadthrill Nancy said “it’s the one who works a little harder, goes a little further, that ends up on top!” I believe that 100% we just have to push ourselves to get what we want it’s inside every single one of us! I feel like I can conquer anything but most of all I feel amazing! Thank you so much Nancy for all your hard work I appreciate it so much!”

    “Wow! Just wow! This was the first thing I have done just for me in a long, long time - and the effects are impacting my whole family. When momma feels better, eats better and feel more confident in her body, the whole family sees huge benefits! .

    I'd been feeling pretty frustrated and down about my body for quite a while - after 3 babies, my body and identity has been wrapped up in my kids and I needed to feel like myself again. I was determined not to go out and buy bigger clothes but the months were ticking away with no changes. .

    This plan has been a kickstart for me to get me started back into a healthier lifestyle and work on fixing my dependence on sugar. My clothes fit way better and this is just the start of my self-improvement journey!

    The 30 Day Slim Down plan was well laid out and easy to follow. It had a good variety of foods and recipes and I loved that it also included the Cherry Picker options to work around those foods I did not like.

    The coaching and community support was great! I enjoyed learning some new things about what to eat and why and the coaches were great at responding to questions and providing motivation."

    “This was with ZERO exercise! I’m going to for sure add exercise the next round. 5 months post partum and feeling like I’m slowly getting my body back!! Nancy Anderson I can’t thank you enough!!! My husband did the challenge also and lost 14 pounds with zero exercise also! This is our new lifestyle and I’m loving it!" 



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