Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

Nancy Anderson


This isn’t your mama’s pregnancy guide.

Between balancing doctor’s appointments, our careers, seeing our friends and taking care of our family, what woman (let alone pregnant woman!) has the time to sit down and read tedious pregnancy guidebooks of the past? Not you! That’s why Nancy Anderson’s “Pregnancy Nutrition Guide” is made with today’s expecting mama in mind.

This e-guide will walk you through the changes your body is undergoing as well as give you certified and science-supported advice on how to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. The information is presented in quick but thorough guide sheets and is all clearly organized by trimester. Forget doing endless google searches and risking reading totally bogus articles- Nancy’s guide has all the right information that any expecting Mama needs. 

Do you know how important your gut health is? The Pregnancy Nutrition Guide will tell you how to keep your gut flora balanced. Or, picture yourself making a quick trip to the store only to realize pregnancy brain hit you hard and you forgot your list at home- ugh!

With the Pregnancy Nutrition Guide, you also have a blueprint for choosing the best vitamins and supplements, a master grocery list and recipe examples that hit each and every one of your and your growing baby’s nutrition needs (for breakfast lunch and even dinner), right at your fingertips! Hey, maybe you’re even out indulging in a pregnancy craving but don’t want to overdo it- you can quickly access The Pregnancy Nutrition Guide to double-check handy portion control guidelines and helpful advice on sticking to healthy eating habits.

You will find all of this and more in Nancy Anderson’s, Pregnancy Nutrition Guide, which you will receive shortly after purchasing via email.

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