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12 Week Post Pregnancy Ab Rehab Course (No Coaching)
12 Week Post Pregnancy Ab Rehab Course (No Coaching)
12 Week Post Pregnancy Ab Rehab Course (No Coaching)

12 Week Post Pregnancy Ab Rehab Course (No Coaching)


  • Please note this product does not include coaching. If you wish to purchase the coaching version of this product you can click here!

    ***Note: This plan ALSO INCLUDES the C-Section Recovery Plan as a FREE bonus ($60 Value)***

    THE FINAL AB REHAB CHALLENGE OF 2020 Starts Monday November 30th!

    Flatten Your Core & Heal Your Pelvic Floor, Once & For All!  

    Almost all women get ab separation during pregnancy. It is actually very common for this separation to never fully heal, and to feel the symptoms for long after you've "healed." BUT... it also CAN be fixed. Yup – I know, doctors, friends and other Mama’s may have told you that it's just a “mommy pouch” but girlfriend – they are WRONG!

    If you have yet to undergo a formal birth recovery protocol - this plan is for YOU! Once postpartum, always postpartum! Whether you had a baby 2 months ago or 12 years ago, this plan can be effective. All women MUST complete a formal rehab program to have a complete recovery from pregnancy and to avoid potential long term compounding issues.  

    Even if you have never had a baby this program is still for you!  Anyone with pelvic floor and core dysfunction can benefit from this course - even men!

    As soon as you purchase you’ll have immediate access to the course.


    • Diastasis Recti: Separation of the muscles along the midline of the abdomen and weakness of the linea alba. 
    • Mommy Pooch: A result of diastasis recti or result of core dysfunction of the lower TA's
    • Improving Ab Definition and Strength: Whether you're 6 weeks post pregnancy or 16 years your core can't heal without proper training and activation. No matter your time post partum, it's never too late to heal, improve and fix core dysfunction and weakness. 
    • Incontinence: Leaking isn't cool. And although it's common, it's certainly not normal. We work to fix this program while also taking a look at the root cause (hint: it's not always just your pelvic floor causing the issue). 
    • Back Pain: This can be caused by many things: weakness, diastasis or even c-sections. Yes really! We cover all of that and more in this program. Ridding back pain and educating you on where this may be stemming from. 
    • Confidence: This is listed last, but not least.  Your body matters and if you aren't happy with yours, we need to change that.  Feeling comfortable in your own skin and confident in your appearance, strength and function has a trickle down impact on everything from our mood, our relationships and sex life.  My goal is to help you feel on top of the world with your ideal Mom bod.



     Learn how to activate your core with our in house physical therapist.  Mom's often have initial road blocks with even activating their full core unit post baby. We can't strengthen something we can't access (no matter how hard you try). We have partnered with an in-house DPT Dr. Aaron Pierson CFMT who hosts our activation series helping you fully access your current core capabilities while teaching you how to turn on your core so we can properly strengthen and rebuild it. 

     Learn how to make this plan work with your life.  Anytime, anywhere is what this course offers.  Follow along video workouts with Nancy and her team of Pre and Post Natal Specialists are accessible online from your computer, phone, or tablet to take you step by step through every move and workout. Our easy printable schedule can go right on your fridge or save to your phone for you to stay on track. Workouts are 20-30 minutes long and can be done in any space with minimal equipment (see equipment list below.) The Ab Rehab Moves can even be done as you pump, drive, or watch TV.

     Learn how to tweak the program to find your sweet spot and see best results for your specific body. Need more focus for your pelvic floor? Done. Need to hit glutes a little more? We got you. Need to fix that posture once and for all? Done!  Our Supplemental Workouts and Core Troubleshooting Issues videos will offer customization for your journey in our course to make it work optimally for your body and goals. 

    Re-build your foundation brick by brick- the right way. This course is laid out in 4 phases with every workout strategically scheduled for you to reprogram motor control, correct your alignment and posture, while healing your core and pelvic floor and closing your diastasis once and for all. The course also includes initial assessments, supplemental workouts, pre-workout warmup with Nancy, and an activation routine from our in house DPT Dr. Aaron Pierson CFMT.


    What equipment is required for the course? The following equipment is necessary for the course; Small Exercise ball (can be a kids ball) Resistance Band - light to medium, Hip Circle or Circular Resistance Band, and a Bench or an object in your home that serves as a bench (ex chair). The following equipment is optional for the course; Foam Roller, Light-Medium Weights, TRX Band/Row.  

    When can I start the ab rehab postpartum? You can start  whenever you feel ready after delivery. The ACOG has updated its guidelines and now recommends that if you had a normal vaginal delivery and healthy pregnancy then a woman can start exercise after delivery when she is ready. If you have had a C-Section or other complications, check with your doctor.  

    Can I do this plan if I'm pregnant?  You can! Actually, I recommend it. You will only work up through Phase 3 (omitting phase 4), and will be taking Full Breaths (no half breaths) during the AB Rehab Moves. I would, however, HIGHLY suggest implementing the breathing exercises daily throughout your entire pregnancy.   Those are the bread and butter of the program and will help the most for conditioning your body for labor, delivery, and recovery. If you have any concerns, feel free to speak with your doctor. 

    I have a hypertonic/tight pelvic floor, can I still do the program? Yes, most definitely! You will be working on the control aspect of your pelvic floor during the program. This means you will be working on releasing and relaxing your pelvic floor. We have additional resources for you to help you connect to your pelvic floor and learn how to relax your pelvic floor, while still reaping all the benefits of the program.

    Can I do the plan if I have a hernia? Yes it is safe to do the program and in fact really beneficial to be able to strengthen everything around the hernia as well as make sure your core is strong and functioning optimally to help ensure the hernia does not worsen over time.

    *The 12 Week Ab Rehab is only offered in English and does not have captions/subtitles.

    *The 12 Week Ab Rehab is accessed entirely online, and requires web access.

    *Please note, this program is non-refundable, due to the nature of it being a digital product with significant value and the inability to actually 'return' a physical product.*

    "I feel like I was very unprepared for postpartum recovery- I just assumed things would go back to normal as I got back to being active. Boy was I wrong. Nancy’s program helped me understand the issues I was having and I learned how to heal my core properly so that I don’t have problem areas in the future. It was easy to follow, not too time consuming (because what busy Mom has free time!?) and I saw great initial results. I started at 7 weeks postpartum and will be continuing to do the program on my own for the next few months."

    "Before having children I was very active and confident in my bodies ability to do just about anything. I was a runner, hiker, athlete, raft guide, biker, and I loved it. After childbirth I lost the weight I’d gained but never felt strong in my core, experienced back/hip pain, and had bladder control issues. Even though I’m only halfway through the Ab Rehab, those issues are already on their way out!! I feel strong and confident in my body again / I can’t wait to see what week 8 brings :)"

    "Nancy is truly amazing! I lost 3lbs, a half inch at my waste and 1.5 inches at my hip in the first 4 weeks of her ab rehab program. But more importantly my core feels stronger, my gap is down to about 1 finger from 2-3 and I can actually feel my linea alba! She is incredibly educated and breaks things down for you in an honest and inspiring way. You will have to do the work, but it will be so worth it in the end!"

    "I think I learned a lot from this program! The videos were super helpful, learning about how to breathe properly was super helpful too. I always feel like I did work after completing the circuits and ab rehab moves even though they seem simple. TMI but I can finally hold my bladder after 4 weeks of this routine. I mean holy cow! That’s monumental in my book. I had no idea about foam rolling and this was such a pleasant surprise! I have had issues for 6 months with tight hamstrings on one side and hip pain on the other. I’ve tried everything to the point of almost going to see my doctor. I know it has a lot to do with sitting at work and posture. Foam rolling has been my savior, that shiz is friggin’ awesome! I would have never known about it if it weren’t for you! Now, I can hold my bladder, start to see some definition back in my abs, and I’m essentially pain free in my legs and hips. It’s been totally worth it! Once I have this program completed I can’t wait to try another! I think you are amazing and what you do for women is priceless!"

    "Nancy is so sweet and motivating. I never felt like she shamed me in posts when I posted about the trouble I had fitting everything in and she always gave honest answers. I’m so glad I joined this group and program. It really is exactly the kind of workouts I love and I’m planning to hold on to them and revisit when life slows down more. Even with the exercises I was able to fit in I still noticed my stomach tightening up and my posture improving. I even started getting compliments about how I look post partum. I do believe this program really achieves the goal of healing post baby. Thank you!!"


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