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The Celery Juice Diet—Is It Fad or Fabulous?

Posted by Nancy Anderson on

Yes team. I've seen it, too: the Celery Juice Diet taking social media by storm. What is it? Does it work? What's my take on it? I'm hopping on real quick to answer these questions.

What Is The Celery Juice Diet?

The premise of the celery juice diet is simple—run a bunch of celery stalks through a juicer and drink up. People claim that drinking this first thing in the morning dramatically ups their veggie intake and boosts their health and even has been said to cure medical issues, acne and more.

One of these (bumping up daily veggie servings) makes total sense. The other...I'm not totally convinced.

Does it Work?

Let me put it this way: drinking fresh celery juice every morning very well may boost your health, since the veggie is known to contain lots of healthy nutrients (more on that in a second).

BUT I haven't seen any evidence to say it's uniquely beneficial, and certainly no more beneficial than other fruits or veggies (or even celery in its raw natural form).  

Here's my take:

Ok, first off, I know there are certain people (no names here) that are claiming that celery is this magical cure-all. I admit that I can't pick up my cell phone and call my spirit guides and have a clear scientific conversation with them, like some claim to be able to.  Can that be an actual thing happening-- spirits knowing science that we yet don't? Sure, it can.  There can also be aliens living in submarines in our oceans spying on us 24-7.  Possible? Yes. Likely? No. 

I just can't see this whole celery juice thing. I do see that people start eating veggies, ironing out deficiencies, controlling their insulin and they see MAGICAL results (hell I hear this every single month from my clients my nutritional communities) but to say it's ONE special veggie that has capabilities that sky rockets above offerings of other plants or the combo of various plants? There is just nothing to support that. 

I would love to do a study that had a few groups who were drinking different juiced veggies in the am and compare the result.  I would imagine, if you choose to drink spinach, kale, broccoli ect instead you would likely think those are magical too- ha!  haven't seen any reliable research or reason to believe that there is something life changing about celery that you couldn't find in various other plants. Maybe my spirit guides are keeping a secret from me, but guys, I just don't see it.  

With that said, drink that celery juice up (or any other veggie juiced for that matter) if you're into it, it won't hurt most (although drinking cups of celery juiced delivers a hefty does of vitamin K so keep that in mind).  Look, I will tell anyone under the sun how good celery is for your body. It's loaded with healthy nutrients like beta carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, folate, flavonoids, magnesium, iron, mineral salts, and sodium. The stalks and seeds contain alkalizing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant compounds which clear out damaging free radicals and reduce excessive acidity and inflammation (as seen in this 2017 reviewpublished in Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine).

And yes, it appears you really CAN burn more calories digesting celery than the veggie actually contains—meaning it's a "negative" calorie food that can be an important key to losing excess body fat. 

Celery is also a noted fiber CHAMP, with 5 grams of fiber in just one cup of raw celery. Take away all its other health benefits, and celery would STILL be worthwhile to munch on just for its fiber content alone, since we know fiber is awesome for your digestion, helps you feel full and satisifed, and reduces the risk of certain health diseases.

Unfortunately, celery juice tends to have a far lower fiber content, notably because all the pulpy gushy stuff has been taken out. Storebought celery juice also tends to have a higher sugar content compared to raw celery on its own, and because it probably has less fiber to blunt the sugar, this means it probably has a higher glycemic load (tendency to raise your blood sugar) compared to the whole raw variety.

All this being said, there are MANY amazing plants that also are magical so don't discriminate bc of a media trend! But, if you like the taste of celery juice, feel free to whip some up on your own at home. I would avoid buying storebought pre-made varieties, however (since these often have more sugar from other added juices and less nutrients), and when possible opt for the real stuff anyway.

Also, be sure to add in your celery (raw or juiced) into a rotation of many different types of fruits and veggies for optimal benefits.

Bonus tips: eat the leaves (they're loaded with calcium and potassium!) and chop your stalks right before you eat or cook with them to maintain as many nutrients as possible.

Happy stalking...I mean snacking!  

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  • Yes, yes, yes!!!! Another fad diet, when research keeps supporting a healthy BALANCE time after time. Thanks for this post!

    Emily on

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